Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix…

tbshWhile the effort to return Alaska to a sensible oil tax structure failed those that spearheaded the fight are not finished.  The Bribery Stops Here Inc. will be the new face of Stop The Giveaway – Vote Yes on Prop 1 Inc. Our name has changed but our dedication to the people of Alaska and reforming a broken political system goes on.


  1. Well, Ray, the voters have spoken…..”No”. Maybe they want to take a longer term view and give the AK economy a chance to grow again. A challenge to you…..since it is “OUR” oil, why not put some energy into expanding our economy by getting ANWR back from the Feds and let us take our own decisions on whether we develop it or not.

  2. Several North Slope “oilfield workers” stated they thought they were voting the current tax formula down by voting NO. I know this sounds strange after all the information out there, but they were still confused.
    Many of those who argued for the NO vote were not from Alaska but chose to comment because they also worked for BP or one of BP’s contractors here on the Slope.
    Lets not let this vote come up again on a primary.

  3. If “the will of the people rule” is ever to return to America we must take back our government starting at its very roots in our own communities and boroughs. There we can began change, but only if people would realize and exercise the precious value of their right to vote.

  4. Fairbanks, especially my district, voted “Yes” on Prop 1. We’re tired of seeing oil companies rack up enormous profits while still being given tax breaks by our oil-friendly governor and legislature. Time to stop it…

  5. SB21 was sold to appeal to human greed. Saying that voting it down would kill jobs but in reality voting it down would have been a vote for a more stable sustainable economy for future generations instead of just the current work force.

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